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Skyrim: To Oblivion and Beyond!

So, I have to be honest, I’m a bit behind the times, and only got Skyrim today. Looking at its box? I’ve always been a sucker for matt black and a mysterious symbol, which Skyrim’s package deliver unabashedly.

Moving onto the game itself, my first impressions of it were excellent; good graphics, varied dialogue, and a combat system that appears much better than the Skyrim’s predecessor, Oblivion, although still clunky and simple compared with some RPGs. However, whilst the dread efficient leveling system has been removed, the result is not great; all skills can leveled at different times without major consequences, but in the long-term, so far as I can see, this will mean all characters heading to the same direction as opposed to the sculpted protagonists of other Elder Scrolls games, where early character choices were fundamental.

I’ll have to admit I’m not exactly near to finishing the game – but then again, who has? The sheer number of side-quests, along with the improvements to skills such as alchemy, are much more than just a distraction; they add depth and emotion to the game, as well as giving you access to better items.

In terms of your protagonist, Skyrim starts in much the same way as Oblivion – a complete unknown is given a chance by unlikely events ( I won’t give any more away).

4 out of 5 – Whilst worthy to carry the torch, I find that Skyrim’s simplifications mean that character choices don’t feel important enough.