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Resistance: Fall of Man

Gameplay image, facing a Chimeran Hybrid. The ...

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Right, so having been out for a whole five years, I decided that it was well and truly time to see what all the hype with the resistance series is about, a mere half-decade on. Upon booting up the game I immediately found that it bore resemblances to many other generic first person shooters, a bland American hero, standard shoot ’em up game play and quite frankly a rather poor cover system. This tone does not change through the rest of the game. Don’t get me wrong, it is enjoyable enough, but nothing particularly innovative or new here. In addition, substantial portions of the game are fought against the same enemy, with only very occasional variation; combined with relatively dull map design, this can often make the game drag.

However, whilst the single player campaign has little to commend it, Resistance comes alive in multiplayer game play. Being rather late to the series, I often had substantial waits for matches to come around, however, when they did, I was impressed by both the choice of modes and emphasis on team play, showing some features well ahead of its time.

Three out of five; worth a quick punt considering how cheap it is nowadays.